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Mark’s debuts new, working-class brand platform

04/12/17 | Strategy

Mark’s is a retailer that has its roots in hard work and industrial wear, and it hopes solidifying its new brand platform around that working-class spirit will provide a clear identity that resonates with more Canadians.

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BC Hydro introduces some eccentric electrical sockets

20/10/17 | Strategy

BC Hydro is giving its longtime Power Smart brand a bit of a new voice, this time through a group of cheeky and chatty electrical sockets. The new “Smart Plugs” campaign, created by Taxi Vancouver, includes a variety of spots featuring witty talking electrical sockets delivering messages of energy conservation.

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18/05/17 | She Does The City

Jordan Doucette is the Chief Creative Officer at TAXI Advertising and Design in Toronto. Her work has been recognized by most major award shows, including Cannes, the One Show, the CLIO Awards, and the CASSIES. Most recently, she was chosen as one of the jurors for the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the annual advertising and communications awards taking place this June.

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Get to Know Jordan Doucette, Chief Creative Officer at TAXI Toronto

16/05/17 | Notable Life

Jordan Doucette is the Chief Creative Officer of TAXI Advertising & Design in Toronto. We wanted to know what qualities Jordan looks for in a designer, a copywriter and in a (dream) client. Also, what it’s actually like at Cannes Lions, the ultimate celebration of creativity in advertising.

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Canadian Tire answers Father’s Day woes

12/06/17 | Strategy

There’s just under a week left to get your Father’s Day presents in order, and for those of us reaching for the standard tie or socks, Canadian Tire has some other ideas.

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Kraft Peanut Butter spreads its wings

23/06/17 | Strategy

Kraft Peanut Butter is switching focus from bread to snacking, hoping to keep up with millennial consumption behaviour. The new “Ultimate Snack Test” campaign, led by Taxi 2, is built on digital content showing how snack bites made with the peanut butter stacks up against competitors, from carrot sticks to chips to yogurt.

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Moosehead looks to the future

18/05/17 | Strategy

Moosehead Breweries is leaning into its shared 150th anniversary with Canada to show how, in both cases, a history of resilience and hard work is a stepping stone to shape the future.

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Canadian Cannes jury members revealed

07/04/17 | Strategy

The juries may be smaller this year, but eight Canadian industry pros will still be among those judging the top creative work from around the globe at Cannes Lions in June.

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Taxi to lead Vancouver port’s community outreach

16/03/17 | Strategy

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has chosen Taxi Vancouver as its new full-service agency partner to work on its community awareness initiatives.

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Fido delves deeper into millennial life

09/02/17 | Strategy

Differentiating a brand can be near impossible in the highly-regulated telecommunications space, but Fido is hoping to change that with a new brand platform centred on forging a deeper connection with the things its millennial target cares about most – whatever “it” may be.

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Taxi launches strategic design business

30/01/17 | Strategy

Taxi has officially launched a new business focused on strategic design and tech expertise, led by its new general manager for Toronto. Signal by Taxi has been in soft launch mode since last year, led by Scott Beffort, who is also now general manager of the Toronto office. Beffort, who was previously strategy director, is also managing director for Signal by Taxi.

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Audi names Taxi AOR

27/01/17 | Strategy

Following a competitive review, Audi Canada has selected Taxi as its new creative agency of record in Canada. Beginning this month, the agency will handle all creative relating to the Audi brand and retail operations in both English and French. The first work is expected to debut in the spring.

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Entries now open for the 2017 Marketing Awards

20/01/17 | Strategy

They say the only constant is change, and that rings true for the 2017 Marketing Awards. The show has issued its call for entries, and boasts upgrades to several categories as well as a more robust set of judging criteria. Now part of the strategy family of shows, the Marketing Awards have introduced a few new ways to win a Gold “M” trophy for the country’s top creative work.

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Creating good vibes around financial responsibility

12/01/17 | Strategy

Several members of Taxi Vancouver’s creative team received some unpleasant news last fall. A “Canadian collections agency” was calling to inform them about an old credit issue, which was having a huge impact on their credit scores, to a degree that could put their entire financial future at risk.

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Marketers of the Year: Andrea Graham’s goof-proof strategy

06/01/17 | Strategy

How the exec moved Leon's from silly ads to family-friendly creative, appealing to a younger home-buying demo. Working with Taxi 2, Leon’s identified the emotional connection people have with furniture – that piece that can’t be lived without.

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Advil displays its feats of strength

06/01/17 | Strategy

A new campaign for Advil Cold & Sinus is using some larger-than-life shows of strength to break through during cold season.

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Credit Karma launches in Canada

29/11/16 | Strategy

Credit Karma has selected Taxi Vancouver to help lead the brand’s Canadian launch. Credit Karma, founded in San Francisco in 2007, is an online financial management platform that offers free credit scores and reports to users.

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Leon’s is making a wearable for your couch

14/11/16 | Strategy

Leon’s has come a long way from “Ho Ho Hold the Payments.” The furniture retailer is now enlisting new tech in its mission to bring families together. Using technology developed by ad agency Taxi, a small receiver can be attached to any piece of furniture in the home, be it the living room couch or dinner table.

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TAXI Montreal wins Promutuel

15/11/16 | Strategy

Taxi Montreal has won the creative duties for Quebec insurance company Promutuel Assurance. Selected following an RFP that began in early August, Taxi will handle all creative for upcoming Promutuel campaigns.

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DAOY Bronze: TAXI's past is prologue

08/11/16 | Strategy Online

As TAXI approaches a leadership transition, the agency stays true to its roots. At the beginning of next year, Taxi’s co-founder, chairman and CCO Paul Lavoie will become the agency’s “chairman emeritus.” He will still provide guidance to CEO Rob Guenette and the rest of the management team, but he’s effectively handing off leadership of the agency he founded with Jane Hope in 1992.

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